March 1st, 2003. Credit:


Frank Difficult - electronics
Michael Jeffries - baritone saxophone, electronic upright bass, electric bass
Jason McGill - alto saxophone, percussion
Matt McLaren - drums
Ann Schattle - french horn
Erica Schattle - bassoon
Alec K. Redfearn - accordion


Hailing from the swirling mecca of art and music that is Providence, Rhode Island, Barnacled leave their stamp with a mix of brown sugar and blood. The Barnacled sound lies somewhere between the jazz noir of the Lounge Lizards and the punk deconstructionism of the Flying Lizards, yet with a distinctly contemporary and American touch. It is truly impossible to pin down Barnacled, however, as this eclectic group of musicians (many of whom do time in a variety of Providence acts) manage to weave in and out of the spotlight, smoothly showcasing each artist's talents to create a solitary unit.

Barnacled are a true musical group in the classical jazz sense of the term, being able to produce thoughtfully crafted recordings as well as perform beautifully in a live setting, loosely following song structure and branching out into previously unexplored worlds of noise and sound. Barnacled deftly create happy, bouncy themes to unwritten worlds of gnomes and rabbits; they compose sad, dark blue laments of anguished sailors from centuries ago. Barnacled's vast scope of sound does not clutter their appearance, it allows them to continuously grow and investigate new tunnels and highways for their creations to roam.

Staying true to their local roots, Barnacled have released a series of tour cd-rs on the Corleone imprint, as well as their full length compact disc entitled "6". They are not a group looking for attention through flashy bravado and new school gimmickry, instead Barnacled solidly perform with all the humility and passion that makes a band truly special. It's impossible to predict where their next release will take them, but it is assured that the product will be equally gorgeous, serene, and fun.


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